Inspiring House Decor Ideas by White Linen Interiors 

This post was first published by White Linen Interiors on September 7, 2016. My Decorating tips: For creating a successful design for your house decorating you should always start with a plan. An inspiration board or decor board like the ones I designed  in this post, is a great start.  Using an inspiration board will … Continue reading Inspiring House Decor Ideas by White Linen Interiors 

Apartment Living: Blue + Art Interior Design Board

Indigo Blue artwork + living room elevation

 Living with Art! Interior Decor/Design Board by Ana Damaris Then Indigo Blue Abstract Watercolor Art with Gold Accents Create a bold statement with Indigo blue abstract art.  You don't need expensive furnishings, home decor or artwork to make a big impact.  With stylish accessories and artwork that represents your taste and style. In this board … Continue reading Apartment Living: Blue + Art Interior Design Board

Something pretty for your vanity

It's the little things that count the most! Vanity art print by me Ana Damaris What girl doesn't love a Kate Spade glittery shoe or a Coach purse? Yes, finally I will be adding these pretty prints to my Etsy Shop next week, stay tuned!! Thanks for stopping by! xo Ana

Featured: Turquoise Decor Board

Turquoise MoodBoard, Furniture and Decor Ideas

Thanks From time to time I like to put together home decor products and furniture pieces, I find that really grab my attention on a Decor Board or Mood Board.  It's a great way for me to look back on design and color trends easily on a board without having to sort through files … Continue reading Featured: Turquoise Decor Board